Supply List

2019-2020 Supply List


*Please label in permanent marker your child’s first and last names on each of the following supplies and bring to school on orientation day:

1. Backpack- large enough to fit a pocket folder. (No wheels, please)

2. Extra clothes in a large Ziploc bag (long & short sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, socks, underwear) the extra clothes will be kept in the child’s “CUBBY” at school. If it is necessary to use any item of clothing, the soiled clothes will be sent home in a bag inside the backpack. Please then replace the used items for the cubby so we have them as needed. If by chance you have an extra old pair of shoes & would like to send them in also as part of their extra clothes, please feel free to do so as if your child's socks get wet, so do the shoes.

 3. 2 Flat twin sheets - since we will be having rest time, the mats we use will need a flat twin sheet. Please send in (2) in case of an accident. Please put them in a Ziploc bag and label with your child's first and last names.

 4. Toddler Blanket - this will be used during rest time as well. It should not be too big; just big enough to cover your child when laying down.

5. Lunch Box- 


**Remember to please label all of the above items with your child’s first & last names. This insures that everything you send in will eventually find its way back home.**




Thank you in advance for sending in your child’s supplies, which help our classrooms run smoothly! Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Sincerely, the Pre-K Team