Grading / Evaluations

*Preschool Progress Reports are distributed in November, February and June.


Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on November 25 & 26, 2019

All parents will be offered a conference in November.

How are Preschoolers Graded?? 

The Teaching Strategies online assessment is used to record observations of each child in the learning environment (interest areas, small groups, morning meeting, etc.) using notes, pictures, child-generated samples, etc. The areas that are focused on are: social/emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, and math. The online assessment directly correlates with the curriculum we use called Creative Curriculum.  An individual child report is generated for each child that shows their progression of learning, as children learn at their own pace and in their own time. This allows both the teacher and parents to see where the child started in the learning process and helps to guide where the child will be going in the future to reach the next level of learning.